Genius Technologies

Genius realizes how vitally important the public sector is to the Government thus we offer many innovative solutions like E-Governance, Safe City and E-Health on which we have the expertise to deliver the most competitive and best quality proposition. We also have solutions on projects like revenue management, Data Center Turnkey solution implementation, Land record management information system, police up-gradation and IT solutions, E-Justice and there are numerous other law enforcement agencies for which end-to-end solutions are available

Financial sector

In this era of unparalleled security threats and breaches at all levels, there is a dire need of strategy for security that covers every parameter. We understand that Financial sector is the backbone for the economy therefore we offer solutions precise to your requirements. Data Center must not face the power challenges and a constant uptime with application performance at optimal levels is necessary as in intelligent networks and application layers merge seamlessly in a heterogonous environment. Keeping in sight that our banking clients will need a propelled retail banking growth with lower customer acquisition costs demanding technology led push into alternative channels available in the market. Therefore, bank which will investing significant in analytics and adopt new technologies with agility in their working environment.

Our Suppliers